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「If You Give Your Heart」は、作詞:BELFIELD DENNIS E、作曲:CARBONE JOEY。

If You Give Your Heart 歌詞




All alone I see you standing there
With nothing left to show me but your tears
Feeling sad
What can you do?

Take a chance, You're gonna need someone
To make you smile and chase away your fears
Count on me
I care for you

※If you give your heart
And put your trust in me
If you give your heart
I'll try my best to be※

△Everything you wanted and more
It's you I adore
Don't be afraid to try△

□If you give your heart
I'll give it all to you
If you give your heart
I'll make your dreams come true
I would give you the world
If you'd only give your heart□

Take my hand and walk along with me
Love will be beside you all the way
So believe these words I say


Give me a chance to always guide you
Everywhere you may go
And I will be there for you
Whatever you do
That's one thing you should know


I would give you the world
If you'd only give your heart



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