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「Pacific Island Music」は、作詞:SHEN、作曲:MICROです。

「Pacific Island Music」歌詞

歌:Def Tech



みんな乗ってけ ウクレレのリズムに合わせて
腕くねらせ 揺らせ 心 体 共に委ねて 僕らに任せて
気持ち 少しふざけて おどけて 踊らないで いるなら
そのままで このままで そのままで いいから
耳を澄ませて 目を瞑れ すりゃ聞こえる 聞こえてくる 波の音
僕らを生んだ 母なるサウンド いつでも思い出して 疲れ癒して

※This is an introduction to Pacific Island Music
Jump up and down, together get wild and lose it
This is an introduction to Pacific Island Music
Jump up and down, together get wild and lose it※

We got Pacific Island flava commin' at ya'
Ya might not feel it first but the beat will attack ya
So get up out your seat and dance along
We got that ragga rasta gunpowder feelin' song
6-5-4 -3-2-1 bringin' the heat up all night long
Hawaii and Tokyo bringin' a feel good stoney song
From a Pacific Island to another Rising Sun
We got that vibe, we gonna try to get ya'll to cry
You hear that sigh, you askin' why, everybody get high
Forget about your worries and have a good time
We're here to rhyme and flow with a lyrical stroll
So grab that girl, block out the world
Take your mind to the sky, take a chance don't even ask why
Come on and bounce along to our
Pacific Island music song, come on


This is Def Tech coming from the streets of Tokyo

南国ハワイからやってきた 分かり合うあため
island spirt 持ってきたオレ
二つの島国つなぐのは 平和と幸せ 祈るこの音楽
I'd like to introduce myself to everyone here
Micro Marley is the named that took my fear
And brought me to a place with an ocean view
Jawaiian flavor flowing how that natural mystic flew
Def Techから湧き出る このメローフロー
We never heard a vibe like this original ragga soul
So jam, jam, jam, jump on the high 東から西に揺らせ high live
Ehh yo, step on up, take the crowd to that next level
まわりの目 気にせず 盛り上がるため飛べ


This is an introduction to Pacific Island Music



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