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「さくら(独唱)-English Ver.-」は、作詞:Naotaro Moriyama/Kite Okachimachi/英語詞:GILLE/Komei Kobayashi、作曲:Naotaro Moriyamaです。

「さくら(独唱)-English Ver.-」歌詞


作詞:Naotaro Moriyama/Kite Okachimachi/英語詞:GILLE/Komei Kobayashi

作曲:Naotaro Moriyama

I promise you I'll be waiting for you
Till the day that I can see you
Once again

You see the cherry blossoms blooming all around
It's time for us to say goodbye

You stayed so strong even when the times were hard
I remember you were there smiling for me

When I was so close to giving up all my dreams
You gave me hope to stand on my feet

As I look around everything just fades away
Whenever I close my eyes, I hear that song

SAKURA SAKURA Now they are blooming all around
Even though they know that sooner they are coming to the end
Say goodbye, all my friends, and I see you once again
I promise you that you will always be in my heart

Hope I can say how I really feel inside
All the things I tried to tell you way before
I wanna cherish your future and your dreams
With the words coming from my true heart

The times are changing now
The seasons come and go
Sometimes I feel like the world is rushing us

SAKURA SAKURA Now I see them falling down
Just believing that someday they will be coming back to life
Don't you cry, All my friends, It's time to say goodbye
I wanna see you smiling once again oh

SAKURA SAKURA Now I see them flying away
See the sunlight shedding on them as they're dancing in the air
Say goodbye, all my friends I will see you once again right here
Place where flowers keep blooming every year
Place where flowers keep blooming every year
Our place



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