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「The Crow」は、作詞:Daisaku Miyata・Ryosuke Kobayashi、作曲:Baku Maruyamaです。

「The Crow」歌詞

歌:a crowd of rebellion

作詞:Daisaku Miyata・Ryosuke Kobayashi

作曲:Baku Maruyama

I pray for the eternity I want everything back
Firm ground, clear sky, nothing else All I want is to see them again
You pay it for a sacrifice

“I just want you to stay as you are.” You say
With all myself like today can I stay on this place
like the bathtub?
Don' t wanna get hurt or hurt others
How far can I fly with this wing like down?

We have the enemies, and also you have enemies
Bathtub is now muddy but all I can do is to cling to it
Not to be worn out, link and speak those beautiful words

今日だって 今日だって 誰かの朝一つ糧にして
僕だって 僕だって 全部分かってるよ

People laughed at that which crows made not knowing what it is
Screwed up all the feeling in their mind
Their precious nest are broken up
You're now strong just‘cause I'm weak
Get the fuck out of here!!! Crows thought just as the same

今日だって 今日だって 刻まれた笑顔ぼかせぬまま
今日だって 困難で 明け渡した劣情も
分からなくても覚えていてね 羽毟って飛んだ意味を

I don't know how to stop this war
I know, I know that I can never stop it

もうここにはいられないよ Can't take anymore
君のその手も僕の声も It's enough Who's right who' s wrong?

You and me. both evil but that's all

今日だって 今日だって 刻まれた笑顔ぼかせぬまま
今日だって 困難で 明け渡した劣情も
分からなくても覚えていてね 羽毟って飛んだ意味を
あぁ届かないと知る昨日は 触れるための今日へ

For the time to link our souls
We have the enemies, and also you have enemies

I pray and pray Give it back One more time…
You must pay You carry a cross on your back



THE CROW(ブレッド&バター)

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