OKAMOTO'S Lagoon 歌詞






Johnny's always yearning
With handful of jewelry
All he needs is journey, 'cause his bed's started burnin'
Fixing hole
With alcohol
da-da-da...But still alone
I'm kind of a man who needs freedom
Why they're trying to be ordinary
Don't sell blue birds,might be a late bloomer
Becareful! You're the only one who knows you're a dreamer

Hey! Ho! Is it a sin to feel good? I didn't know that
Before start punishing me
I wanna hear you all shout say yeah!
Hey! Ho! There're always plans and plans and plans and plans and plans
What about the happiness in front of you? Just say yeah!

Poets,musics,movies,and comics
The morning sun's the only warning to my short trip
Fried rice,gyoza,ra-men,and spring rolls
The world's too big you never keep it all inside you
I got no driver licence
Walking like I tap dance
Singin' in the rain like the old mary poppins
Look around there's a bunch of detectives
Keep there hats on so don't look so happy
Dirty work,gunny sack,cheap tricks,bad flips
Too much poison for the grown up eyes
Only kids who've got strong eyes know
Where that beautiful Lagoon is

Hey! Ho! Is it a sin to feel good? I didn't know that
Before start punishing me
I wanna hear you all shout say yeah!
Hey! Ho! 'cause there's desire and dreams and desire and dreams and desire
Just can't leave the happiness in front of me. Just say yeah!

Heaven and hell,they're always back to back
Doesn't really matter if it's a lagoon or a swimming pool
Once you start swimming,you'll only care about breathing
English,Japanese,What's my blood color?
Beautiful day off,a sip of beer,can't touch what you love
It's like music
Pay attention to the lyrics,find your own words
How can they live with a face, like "I'm always right"?
Alchoholics, a man with painkillers,superstition,wigs,
the special treats after the big day,a woman with her best bra
What's the difference?
We all need something

Crows are born to be crows.Can't be a chick.
You keep working to stay afloat
I don't want anybody to help me
Sooner or later,I'll make a mistake,I know
And I don't want to make anyone disappointed
So don't see me,don't touch me,don't find me, don't hear me

A father who abandoned his family
A mother who has no choice but working
Different cultures,need a new country
I'm insane
I'm on the lake bottom.Don't bother me,leave me alone,
too busy listening to the world longest guitar solo






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