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「the sea and a pearl」は、作詞:梶浦由記・英訳詞:Joelle、作曲:梶浦由記です。

「the sea and a pearl」歌詞




calling of the sea
far over the waves

a journey started on the sea
is such a wide and dazzling a place
into clouds, it fades away up on the sky
a hidden story never told
I wonder what more is out there
colorful imagination
dawn is breaking
ship is on the way

your sweet song is still ringing in my heart
leading with hope
to the future, sail on

moving on to the east
let the wind rush for the bow and speed up
way beyond the far and distant sea that I cross
carry on to unveil of the promised El Dorado
here I come
calling of my heart
far over the waves

searching the place through night and day
I know I'm not that far away
will my innocent journey finally end?
the map has flown into the storm
I will leave it to the flow
the tomorrow I will never know
water continues on forevermore

straight to the sky of glistening sunlight
with longing heart I will shout and call your name

like a bird in the sky
with the beat of wind caresses my head
way beyond the far and distant sea that I cross
I was born to be free
going far with all my power
here I come
craving of my heart
raising the sails high
shooting star, please show me the way

wishing to see your face one more time

far to the east
the world of the unknown
a land I have never been
my throbbing heart awakens the fire
pierce the sea and let it glow
calling of my heart
far over the waves

battle on to the east
with the beat of wind caresses my heart
go beyond the far and distant sea that I cross
I can't hide from the pain
but won't let it take my dignity away

my Lips carry on our love's melody
with you by my side the ship's sailing on

to the land of east



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